Recently, you read about a bakery in Detroit, called Sister Pie, being named one of the best in the country by Thrillist. Which got me thinking... What's the best bakery in the Lansing area?

The greater Lansing area is home to many a delicious bakery, serving up everything from donuts and cookies to cupcakes and muffins. So, I did some asking around to find out what we (the collective Lansing area we, lol) thought the best bakeries in Lansing are. And boy, did y'all let me know.

There were lots of responses, and after all the tallying was complete, 10 different shops made the list of best bakeries in the Lansing area (that's 10 more reasons to #LoveLansing). So whether you're in Okemos or Grand Ledge, or anywhere in between, you can be glad to know that there's a bakery near you with some delicious offerings. Check out who made the list for best bakeries in the Lansing area, below.

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    Bake N' Cakes

    Bake N' Cakes came in at number one. Bake N' Cakes has a wide variety of sweet treats, from cookies and cupcakes to breads and cheesecakes. And has been a Lansing staple for years.

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    Flour Child Bakery

    Flour Child Bakery is next on the list. Located in Grand Ledge, Flour Child Bakery has kind of a cult following, and it's easy to see why. Flour Child offers some fun and interesting treats, like their Butterbeer bagles, s'mores scones, hazelnut croissants, and plenty more. Find them at 316 S Bridge St in Grand Ledge.

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    Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe

    Sweetie-licious Bakery is most known for their pies. Not only are they delicious, but they have a huge variety, over 50 different flavors! You can buy a slice, or succumb to your sweet tooth and get a whole one. Be sure to call ahead to see what they're serving; they have some flavors that are offered on the daily and others that are seasonal. Plus, they take care of lunch with a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. Located at 108 N Bridge St in DeWitt.

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    Chapelure has two locations in the greater Lansing area; one in Eastwood Towne Center and one in the Hagadorn Plaza. And, both offer an assortment of European and Asian inspired pastries. Whether you want to sink your teeth into some tiramisu or red bean buns, they've got you covered. And they have some espresso for you to wash it down, too!

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    Sugar Shack

    If you're looking for cupcakes, Sugar Shack has them for ya. They've got cupcakes, both "regular" size and extra large; cookies; and poppers -- little balls of edible cookie dough.  And if you don't feel like leaving the house, Sugar Shack delivers! Sugar Shake is at 215 N Clippert St near Frandor.

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    Aggie Mae's Bakery

    Aggie Mae's Bakery is another popular shop. They use locally sourced ingredients to make all their from-scratch goodies, which include pastries and muffins to breads and sandwiches. So you can have lunch and dessert all in one place. Find Aggie Mae's Bakery at 914 Charlevoix Drive in Grand Ledge.

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    Groovy Donuts

    Groovy Donuts has two places in the greater Lansing area where you can enjoy their freshly made goodies; East Lansing and Williamston. Groovy Donuts gets their name not only from the delicious donuts they fry up, but also because they serve them in a verrry grooovy atmosphere. The walls of both locations are covered in rock n roll posters and tie dye galore. Perfect for any former or aspiring hippies!

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    Mitten Raised Bakery

    Mitten Raised Bakery is another favorite amongst Lansing area residents. Mitten Raised serves up fun and imaginative goodies like the "I've Got Worms Donut", the Belgian Breggywhich breakfast sandwich, and Unicorn Cookie Sandwiches. They even offer classes, kids parties, and wedding cakes. Find them at 1331 East Grand River Ave in East Lansing.

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    Cops & Doughnuts

    Cops & Doughnuts has lots of locations in Michigan, but it wasn't until May of 2018 that they opened up their Capital Precinct here in Lansing. Cops & Doughnuts serves up a mean doughnut, including one topped with bacon. They also offer a variety of cookies, pies, and more. Cops & Doughnuts is on Lansing's west side, at 6427 Centurion Drive.

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    Strange Matter Coffee Co

    As you can tell from the name of their shop, Strange Matter Coffee is not primarily a bakery; they're a coffee shop. However, their Eastside location expanded and added a baked goods section to go with their coffee. They have an array of savory & sweet scones, muffins, and donuts. They have "regular", vegan, and gluten free donuts with some crazy and crazy delicious flavor combos: lemon lavender, Mexican hot chocolate, and even a cream cheese filled everything donut (like an everything bagel). Find Strange Matter at 2010 E Michigan Ave and 337 S Washington Square.