I am an avid sweets baker. Cookies, pies, bars, cakes, bread, you name it. So I was elated to hear that a favorite Michigan bakery of mine, Sister Pie in Detroit, had made it onto the "Best Bakeries in the Country" list that Thrillist put together.

And that got me thinking...What's the best bakery in the Lansing area?

From Williamston over to Grand Ledge, and from St. Johns down to Jackson, the greater Lansing area is home to many a delicious bakery, serving up everything from donuts and cookies to cupcakes and muffins and absolutely everything in between. So when I wanted to find out who had the best bakeries in the Lansing area, I just knew I had to reach out to you to find out what you thought! I did some asking around and found out which bakeries in the Lansing area were the best. And boy, did y'all sound off!

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There were lots of responses, and after all the tallying was complete, here it is, the final results...The absolute BEST bakeries in the Lansing area.

After everything was said and done, y'all decided these 24 bakeries were the best. And that's 24 more reasons to #LoveLansing!

So no matter where you fall within the Lansing area, you can be glad to know that there's a bakery near you with some delicious offerings. Check out who made the list for best bakeries in the Lansing area, below.

These 24 Lansing Area Bakeries Serve Up the Best Sweet Treats

Cookies, cakes, bread, donuts, you name it; these bakeries have it. And, these bakeries are the best in the Lansing area. See if your favorite bakery made the list.

Did your favorite bakery make the list? If not, let us know by sending us a message with the station app.

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