Lansing Sexton had lost 12 straight games going into last night with only 2 wins for the season, so far. They were facing their rival Lansing Eastern and fought hard for coach Steve Finamore but lost in overtime 81-80.

Diante Smith had a MONSTER night with 35 points and 28 rebounds. He hit 3 free throws with no time on the clock to force overtime where Eastern emerged with a one point victory.

It HAS to be a moral victory for Sexton because in overtime the Big Reds only had 2 players on the floor. A few had fouled out and there was a fight with ejections so the Big Reds were playing with 2 men against the Eastern 5. They did play some of the overtime with 4 players but still, in Hockey thats a power play. Sexton hit a half court shot as time expired to make it a one point loss but what a crazy game.

A listener called in and said the difference in the game was- Steve Finamore was all by himself on the bench and couldn't contain his players from rushing the floor, thus being automatically ejected. Eastern had enough guys on the bench to prevent their team from rushing the floor.

Sexton only has 9 players on their varsity roster this year.


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