The Coronavirus vaccine is starting to be distributed around the world, which is a great thing. First, I want to see everyone get the vaccination.

Second, I want this Pandemic to be in our rearview mirrors.

Third, I want to see fans go back to games in person.

These are all related for our lives and for the sports world to get back to somewhat of what it once was.

I want to see the Detroit Tigers get much better under the guidance of new manager AJ Hinch. I also want the Tigers to get a few free agents in this offseason.

I want the new search committee of the Detroit Lions to get a solid GM and solid head coach. I also want the Pistons not to smell too bad this coming year. And I want the Red Wings under the guidance of Steve Yzerman to be vastly improved.

I want MSU football to improve during the offseason. I want Tom Izzo to win a national championship in college hoop.

Personally, I want to get a hole in one in 2021. I also want to catch any kind of fish weighing over 10 pounds in 2021. And I want to win at least $10,000 in the lotto or with sports betting.

These are all high expectations, but anything can happen when you put your mind to something and get a little lucky! Those are my wishes for sports in 2021.

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