Memorial Day is one of the only Holidays we take off here on the radio, Christmas and the 4th of July being included. Out of the year, we only have at tops five worst of shows from the year. With that being said, Dave and I decided to take some time off with the rest of our coworkers and spend some time with friends and family.

Now to start this post, I should warn you. Dave isn't like the other personalities here in the area. We don't do the best of the Mad Dog Show, he likes to call it the worst of the Mad Dog Show. It doesn't mean the interview is rotten or awful tho! In fact, I spent some time figuring out what were some of the best interviews from the past year so far.

People always ask us too, what interview was that. What is coming up? I've got your sneak peek to Monday's show and even a portion of the episode in this post!

The first hour contains big MSU names, one of which has only ever been on this show once. His name is Mel Tucker. Tucker is the new Michigan State University Football coach, and we were just recently able to get him on the Dog Show.

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You don't even have to listen on Monday to catch that interview, I have that for you below!

The show looks back on Mad Dog's 25th-anniversary show, as well as some recent interviews that made the cut!

Don't miss it, the next worst of show you'll have is on July 4th!

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