Yesterday, Hall of Famer to be Albert Pujols was released by the Los Angeles Angels. Why? Lack of productivity. After he was played his entire career in St. Louis and they won a World Series he left to go to the Angels.

The owner of the Angels Artie Moreno gave him a ten-year multi-million contract. Well, his time is up because of a lack of production. Now, Albert is for sure destined to go to Cooperstown. He makes 25 million a year. The contract is almost up and he is 41 years old. It’s the proverbial end of the road for Albert Pujols.

A team might sign him just to help him out, but he’s finished. But, his numbers are much better than Miguel Cabrera’s. Pujols has 3253 hits and 667 home runs. My point is that Miggy has come to his proverbial end of the road too.

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Miggy is 38 years old. Is making 30 million dollars this year and is hitting a putrid .098. He is 128 hits shy of 3000 and 11 home runs shy of 500. Cabrera laughs off everything. He seems to be a jovial fun-loving cat. But, his act is growing old. I’d be laughing also knowing the Tigers owe him this year’s salary and two more years in the neighborhood of 72 million dollars guaranteed salary through 2024.

I really believe he’s done and cannot be productive enough to help this club or help other younger ballplayers. This is just a terrible situation for the growth of the Tiger's future. Do you think the Tigers should eat almost $100 million dollars?

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