Miggy has really made me out for a chump. I ripped him for non-production the past few years, but he has made a believer out of me.

The past few years the Detroit Tigers have flat out smelled. Last year was the Pandemic year, but they still stunk. It was a combination of bad players and marginal leadership from the manager they had. This team lost a ton of games and was going nowhere, but things have turned around. With the addition of first-year manager AJ Hinch, the situation has changed.

Hinch took over this year after being banned for a year for the sign-stealing caper with the Astros. I really believe Hinch’s presence has made a complete metamorphosis with Miggy. Before, he just flat out didn’t hustle and was always clowning around. Now, this franchise is on an upswing and it has recharged him. He got his 500 homers and now he is approaching 3000 hits. I’m sure Hinch had many closed doors meetings with Miggy and they spoke about his leadership and what he had to offer the young ballplayers.

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Plus, the Tigers owe him over 100 million with his contract. He now has lived up to it with nine straight hits last week. No Tiger has ever gone nine for nine. He is also hitting around .275 for his average. This has made me a believer that Miggy has changed his old ways and habits. Let’s get that 3000th hit, stud!

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