I have been very critical of the Miguel Cabrera situation in Detroit. Miggy was hitting under .200 just a couple of weeks ago, but the Detroit Tigers have gotten sort of hot as of late.

Miggy now is hitting for a .240 batting average. Not terrible. His cumulative batting average is .311 and he has 2,919 hits, 494 home runs, and 1,760 rbi.

He has played with the Tigers since 2008. He has been an 11x All-Star, World Series champion, 2x Al MVP. He had the 17th MLB Triple Crown in 2012 too. His numbers are beyond impressive.

But the reason he has been maligned with criticism is because of the money he makes. However, that’s not his fault. The deceased owner of the Tigers and Wings Mike Ilitch gave him that enormous contract years ago. The Tigers are paying him a $30 million annual salary. It doesn’t end for a while either. This contract isn’t his fault but was given because of entitlement.

The Tigers payroll this year is $80 million and Miggy is making $30 million of that. He was just stinking the joint up and now maybe he has caught a little fire. We can only see what the future brings.

The Tigers play the White Sox this Fourth of July weekend. Maybe Miggy can light up some fireworks on his bat. He only needs six home runs for 500 and 81 hits for 3000 hits. Cabrera should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer in the future.

Like I said, I’ve been very critical of Miggy and it was rightly deserved. I feel he doesn’t hustle all of the time. When you’re making the money he is, you should always be sprinting. But that being said, if he and the Tigers can have a solid second half, that is something to build on. All I’m asking for is that this year’s Tiger team plays .500 baseball.

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