Yesterday in Toronto Miggy hit his 500th homer. Everyone has been waiting and finally he delivered yesterday.

I don’t know who has the baseball, but I bet it’s worth a few million dollars. Miggy is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. As a whole, he has had an excellent career, but it has tapered off the past few years. Miggy has either been injured, slumped or just a shell of his former self. It has made a lot of fans frustrated with his performance and how much money he is making.

We have talked about this at length. It’s not his fault, but Mike Ilitch gave him an enormous contract that he hasn’t lived up to. This is good for the Detroit Tigers and him being a draw at the gate. Miggy has a contract that no one wants. He will end his career in Motown, which he should. He seems more content of late because the Tigers are better with Hinch as their manager.

Now, Miggy is on his conquest for his 3,000th hit. This team is more upbeat these days and is six games from the 500 mark. I am really happy for Miggy because he has taken a lot of criticism for lack of production these past few years. All I want is the Tigers to finish 500 or above not losing 100 games.

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