The Tigers are deep into a dilemma with what to do about their Hall of Famer-to-be Miggy Cabrera. This guy is just eating up space and holding younger players back from getting a shot in pro-ball.

The deceased owner Mike Ilitch gave Miggy an astronomical contract years ago. At one time, Miggy was the most feared hitter in all of baseball. But now this is a different story. He’s at the end of his career, and the Tigers on are the hook for a ton of cheese.

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Listen, I’m not blaming Miggy for the money that is owed to him. I blame Mike Ilitch. He rewarded Miggy this ton of loot for entitlement reasons only.

After this season, the Tigers owe Miggy $72 million dollars through 2024. He’s getting paid $30 million this year. Tell me this isn’t unbelievable! Miggy is close to 3,000 hits and close to 500 home runs. An unbelievable feat in itself. Miggy was an 11x All-Star, World Series champion in 2003, 2x AL MVP and the AL Triple Crown winner in 2012.

The Tigers have helped him out of multiple personal situations also. Miggy has exhausted the situation in Detroit. Most of the time he doesn’t hustle and run hard, either.

Bottom line, what are the Tigers going to do with this guy? They probably will let nature take its course and keep losing until he’s gone.

What do you think the Tigers should do? This is a terrible circumstance and is holding this organization back!

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