Many people want to know how I got my nickname. I was actually nicknamed “Mad Dog” long before I began my radio career 25 years ago. The story behind it is not that complicated.

There was a former pro wrestler who has since passed on named Buzz Sawyer. That was his stage name. His nickname was Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer. I could imitate this guy perfectly. So it was just self-proclaimed. I adopted it and it stuck.

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Nicknames are an important part of the sports world, and I'm about to go through a few nicknames that I like the most.

First is Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. from  Lansing. Earvin was the Magic Man because of the way he handled the basketball.

Michael Jordan was “Air” because of his hang time in the air for a dunk.

How about Eldrick Woods? His nickname is Tiger because he was so ferocious on the golf course.

I also like Joe Namath’s nickname. Broadway Joe, because he played for the New York Jets in New York City. He loved the night life in NYC.

Then there was Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. He got his nickname because he resembled Big Bird on Sesame Street.

How about the great golfer Jack Nicklaus? His nickname was The Golden Bear because of his golden hair when he was younger.

There's also Walter Payton’s nickname. It was "Sweetness” because he played so great and sweet.

The last name on my list is NHL great Wayne Gretzky. His nickname was the “Great One" because he was so great on the ice.

These are just a few of the nicknames I have chosen. I’m sure you can add to my list. Please feel to add to the list in the comments or message me through the app.

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