Nowadays, people like to rip each other when it comes to sports teams and their passion. Whether the team is a college or pro team, it doesn’t matter. There is such a rivalry with teams and that plays into it too.

For example, no matter how much the Lions have smelled, fans still love them. Because maybe their parents followed them or for whatever reason. The Lions have been awful, but they still have a huge fan base.

Then you have the college rivalries. These almost get to fighting proportions. Some rivalries have been around for over a hundred years.

But it doesn’t matter what sports or what team you root for, don’t let anyone steer you away from your love for your team.

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If you like any team in any sports for any reason, don’t let some stiff sway your fondness for the specific team.

I love the Las Vegas Raiders, Oakland A’s, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Central Michigan University. Not exactly in that order either. But, to be real, I really like all the teams.

Some people get almost sadistic with their behavior towards other people. This will never stop. But do not let any other person influence you not to like your team. Even if they do smell. There are a lot of awful teams out there, but if you like or love them, keep it up. And keep buying the merchandise too so you can wear it proudly knowing that you're supporting your favorite team.

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