Today marks 25 years of doing sports and entertainment radio. I’ve been in Mid-Michigan the entire time, and I wouldn’t have done anything different.

I got the bug in the early '90s when I was part of the Joe Chevlier Sports Buffet Show out of Las Vegas. I was a caller every day. But then I said, I want to have a show of my own. So with perseverance and the help of Randy Plaunt and Jeff Hager, it happened.

Even though I never received a broadcasting or journalism degree, I didn’t care. I knew this was what I wanted to do and went after it.

We started the Sports Guys Show on April 1,1996. Then Plaunt left for a stint on WITL, so it was me and Jeff Hager. We added Larry Lage who has been at the Detroit Sports AP for years also.

Jeff eventually left the radio business for the education industry. He is now a principal. We have remained solid friends forever.

I have so many stories and not enough time, but these past 25 years have been outstanding in my life. I have met solid people, have had great bosses and learned a lot of life lessons.

I just want to thank all of the listeners, sponsors, and broadcasting companies that put up with the Mad Dog’s shenanigans for 25 years. Thank you!

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