By now everyone knows that Tiger Woods was almost killed in a car accident in California in February. Tiger now is rehabbing extensively Florida. Woods is going through such an extensive rehab that he even thinks it’s surreal and just unbelievable.

Everyone in the world knows Eldrick Tiger Woods. He really has done so much for golf that people sometimes forget. But his accident really was a game-changer for the golf world. He sustained open fractures to bones in his lower right leg. Many people think he will never play golf again, let alone walk.

I beg to differ! I believe he will at least play golf with his kids and recreationally. If he gets his health back to almost normal and can play in a PGA Tournament, that would be miraculous.

If you know the Alex Smith story, that showed the sports world miracles can happen. The golf world misses Tiger. He has had one too many brushes with death. He needs to keep working on his rehab. You know this guy will be phobic about proving people wrong. I don’t need to get any more in-depth about his situation.

I just can’t wait to see him back on his feet without crutches!

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