This year is going to be a great one and a game changer. I really have anticipated this year in a real positive fashion. I have a few must-do items on my bucket list. I know all of you do too, so let’s get cracking with my list.

First of all, I am going to really get back into fishing. As a kid I loved fishing and did it frequently with my dad, cousins and friends. We have a cabin in Ontario that we would go to and catch pike, walleye and trout. My cousin Joe has it now. I’m glad it stayed in our family. And now it’s time to get back into fishing.

My number one objective is to be a master the art of  filleting fish. This is an art that I always wanted to tackle, and now I am. There are thousands of people that are just great and masterful at this. If you read my article, please reach out to me if you can give me a lesson. I am totally serious too.

I have a lot more things on my 2022 bucket list. Of course, I want to get more clean air and exercise. With COVID these past couple years, it has put a damper on it for me from a motivational standpoint. But I’m going to do a lot more cross-training and outdoor activities also.

Still, my number one item is to catch more fish and learn how to master the art of filleting my catch.

So, don’t be shy, what’s your number one item on your 2022 bucket list? I don’t think resolution would be the right term. Nobody ever follows through with that term resolution anyway. So, what’s yours? Please let me know! Also, if you are a master of filleting fish please reach out to me!

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