When I was young, I used watch a lot of television and go to many movies.

I’m asking all of you what pet or animal really was your favorite in any movie or sitcom?

Growing up, there were so many great sitcoms and movies to choose from. For example, in the '60s and '70s there was Mr. Ed. That show was so hilarious. It was about a horse that talked.

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Then there was Flipper the Dolphin. I would watch that religiously.

What about the Beverly Hillbillies and all of Elli May’s critters? What about all those great dog shows and movies like Lassie, Sounder, Lady and the Tramp and so many more?

There are so many to choose from and most times the pet or animal were the best part of the shows. My all-time favorite would be the Green Acres Show. That was such a fun and hilarious show. If you’re in my age group, you definitely watched it. There was a pig in that show that was just pure greatness. Of course, the pig was named Arnold Ziffle. That pig was like a trained house dog. It was just fun watching that show and all the others.

I know I probably missed many movies or sitcoms. So this is where you guys come into play. Who are your all-favorites? Arnold Ziffle was mine!

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