Everyone is talking about who should be in Hall of Fames in sports. Should “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Lou Whitaker? Well, what about former Tiger left-hander Mickey Lolich?

We were talking about him recently on the Mad Dog Show. Lolich’s numbers are really eye popping too. In 1971, his numbers were spectacular. But he didn’t even get the Cy Young. That coveted award had gone to Vida Blue of the Oakland As.

Mickey Lolich had 45 starts, 29 complete games he pitched, 376 innings pitched, 25 wins and he still didn’t get the Cy Young! Lolich had 2,832 strikeouts in his career, 3.44 ERA, and a 217-191 win-loss record.  He pitched 16 years in the majors.

Lolich holds the most games ever started by a Tiger pitcher with 459. He is in the top ten for strikeouts for left handers in all of Major League Baseball. He was the 1968 World Series MVP when the Tigers beat the Cardinals, too.

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Mickey Lolich might come up a little short for Hall of Fame considerations, but he should be thought of and talked about. Don’t ever forget what Mickey Lolich did in his career. Should he get in the baseball Hall of Fame some day? What do you think? Please let me know!

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