The Super Bowl is one week away. So now is the time I ask the masses who is the best ever in a specific position in the NFL.

Well, today's article is for the great football fans all over. The question I have is, in your estimation, who is the greatest running back ever?

Now, there are some great choices. I will list a few and you can use your own judgement. Let’s start with Jim Brown one of the all-time greats with the Cleveland Browns. Or, you could choose the Detroit Lions electric back Barry Sanders. And what about the greatness of Chicago Bears back Walter Payton aka “Sweetness”?

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There are so many to choose from. This can be from any era of the NFL. I can throw down a few names in the past too. Let’s keep it going with Eric Dickerson, Gale Sayers, Marshall Faulk, LT, Earl Campbell, Larry Csonka, Emmitt Smith, Floyd Little, Larry Brown and Franco Harris. These are just a few names to kick around.

If you want my opinion, it’s a wash with Brown, Sanders and Payton. These backs were all just absolute greatness. I know there are so many that I probably missed.

So, now it’s your time to shine and tell me your all-time favorite.

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