Now that the holidays are upon us, I thought it would be appropriate for this topic. I’m asking you, who are the greatest players you have ever seen compete in person? This is really going to be interesting to see your list.

So, I’m going to fire away.

In baseball, my list goes like this. I saw Henry Aaron when I was with my dad and cousins in Florida. It was a Spring Training game in Miami; that’s where the Orioles used to have their Spring Training site. I also in my lifetime saw the great Dick Allen, Mr. October, Al Kaline, Brooks Robinson, and so many other great players.

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In college sports, I saw “Magic,” Larry Bird, Randy Moss, Tony Dorsett, Paul Molitor, Kirk Gibson, Lorenzo White, Brad Van Pelt, and a ton of just great college athletes before they turned pro.

In the NBA, Dr. J., Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, “World” B. Free, The Bad Boys, Kareem, and so many other great players.

In the NHL, Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, and all those great Wings teams.

In boxing, I saw Mike Tyson fight.

On the PGA tour, I saw Nicklaus, Palmer, Trevino and Tiger.

I have been very blessed and lucky for those players I have seen. I know I’m short-changing some of these historic figures, but you can only have so many on the list.

So, the question is, who’s on your list?

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