Growing up, everyone had their all-time favorite sports Gods. I’m almost 62 and I had a few all-time greats in my lifetime. These are men or women that you really loved to watch play their sport. They played with blood and guts.

I always have emulated some of these all-time greats. My all-time great who I loved to watch crush guys is the Chicago Bears' #51 Dick Butkus. This guy just was a real monster of the Midway. He reeked punishment on all of his opponents. This man was just a maniac on the field.

The Bears were always a pretty solid team with legendary owner and head coach George Halas. He drafted Butkus and another all-time great in the same NFL Draft Gale Sayers. Butkus set the bar very high on pain and punishment. He always had a field day with the Detroit Lions. I just always gravitated toward the way he played with reckless abandon.

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If you’re a young individual you need to google Dick Butkus. There were only a handful in his class. Like Sam Huff, Ray Nitschke, Lawrence Taylor, and possibly a few more great linebackers.

Just remember when you’re thinking linebackers you're thinking Dick Butkus. The master and king of destruction!

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