Summer begins officially on June 21st. For me, that is a very special day. It was six years to the day Carole and I got married. So it will be an anniversary. But, that being said, this summer will be unlike any summer we’ve ever experienced.

We still don't have a vaccine for the coronavirus, so it will be masks and gloves. Will people go to Disney Parks, Cedar Point and beaches across this great country? I just don’t know yet.

This pandemic has affected everything to do with lives around the world. Will people go back to restaurants right away? Will people travel by car or plane to vacation destinations? I don’t know.

June 21st is the solstice and the official first day of summer. Most if not all of the firework shows across the country for the 4th of July are already cancelled. A friend of mine James Stajos owns Pro Fireworks and he said his business has been fabulous. Why? Because people will do neighborhood and cottage fireworks parties.

That being said, Independence Day will be much different in the USA. All minor league baseball is cancelled and the professional sports will play with empty stadiums. This will be surreal to say the least. I just pray that Covid-19 will be contained by the first of the year.

This summer will be a challenge to say the least. Please be safe and don’t take anything for granted. Please be respectful to your family and neighbors. I'm interested to hear from you about your summer plans. What changes have you had to make because of Covid-19? Are you taking a vacation still? Going camping? Let me know what your summer is going to look like.

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