There's no doubt that numbers play a huge part in sports. But this post isn't about stats, it's about your favorite jersey and uniform number or numbers.

There are so many to choose from. You can select from double zero to ninety nine. I have done shows in the past where we selected the athlete or ball player who was the best that wore a certain number.

For double zero, you would have to say the top ball player to wear that number would be The Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame center Jim Otto. As far as the number ninety nine goes, I would say Hall of Fame NHL player the “Great One” Wayne Gretzky.

This is always fun asking sports fans who they feel was the best athlete and ball player to where a number. Like the number six. You could go with Stan “The Man” Musial, Al Kaline and even “Dr. J” Julius Erving who wore six with the Philly 76ers. One of the coolest ball players ever to play a sport was Joe Willie Namath. His nickname was “Broadway Joe.” He played in the AFL and the NFL. His number was twelve.

Now, a trick question (and you may be able win money with this fun fact one day). What number did Ty Cobb wear?

This is a trick because when Cobb played Major League Baseball, they didn’t have numbers on jerseys or uniforms yet.

Here's my answer to the question I posed at the top of the post. My favorite number is six. So, now I’m asking what’s your favorite number in sports on uniforms and jerseys? Let me know!

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