I've been thinking a lot about this topic today. What I mean is, what are your top real-life experience with sports or entertainment? So what’s the greatest sporting event you ever attended, concert you saw, luminary or famous person you ever met or ran into, etc. You get my drift.

I’m 60 years old and have been to some great sporting events, concerts and have met a slew of famous people. But nothing tops what I’m about to tell you. About nineteen years ago, I was lucky enough to be driven to Muhammad Ali’s home and compound in Berrien Springs, Michigan. My close friend and mentor Bob Every had a connection with two sisters who helped Ali on the personal and the business side. So, Bob picks me up at the radio station I was working at and he drives us to Ali’s compound. It’s about a two hour drive. There are so many things swirling through my head. Like, what’s this going to be like, and how am I going to react when I meet “the greatest of all time"?

We arrive at his home and compound. It’s absolutely immense and vast acreage. Bob puts in the code and we are now driving into the main area. Now, we go into the ranch style home and make our introductions. Then, we wait for Ali and his wife. About an hour later, in he walks. I’m like, this is a surreal dream. This isn’t really happening is it?

Well, Ali walks right up to me and checks out my complexion and grabs my cheek. Can you imagine this? He says you’ve got good skin. I’m like, what the heck? Then, he shows me magic tricks. At this time Bob Every, Ali and I retreat to his gym. He shows us some punching on the heavy bag and falls down. I immediately help him up. I can’t believe this. I just helped up Muhammad Ali.

This story ends to perfection. We go into one of the many homes on the property and have lunch with Ali. I shared a tuna fish sandwich with Muhammad Ali. That day was one of my greatest experiences ever.

How about you? What’s your greatest real-life experience with sports or entertainment?

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