Well, you knew it was coming. I'm going to give you my picks for the top three worst professional sports franchises right now. These are only my opinions, and I've chosen them because of how long these teams have smelled. These are franchises that keep shooting themselves in the foot Barney Fife style.

Let’s lead off with the Baltimore Orioles. This franchise is owned by Peter Angelos. The Baltimore Orioles used to be a dynasty when I was growing up. This team was led by Brooks and Frank Robinson. They were tough and played a great brand of baseball. For the past 30 years, they have stunk.

Next on my list are the New York Knicks. They are owned by billionaire James Dolan. He makes money hand over fist and inherited the Knicks. They have been putrid for so many years I can’t count. He just doesn’t know what buttons to push and people to hire. Also, he is very thin skinned with his fan base. This franchise is pathetic.

Last but not least, by an overwhelming majority, it’s the Detroit Lions. This team has been snake-bit for over 50 years. The Fords bought this team in the early '60s for a song. This team has barely been close once to going to the Super Bowl. This team rips the hearts out of their fan base. I cannot believe all of the head coaches and executives who have failed. It’s not even worth gassing this team and franchise any longer. They have had solid players; they just don’t how to put it together and win consistently.

I want to hear from you now. Who are your picks for the worst franchises in professional sports?

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