The broken record has started once again. The Detroit Lions are under turmoil and losing. This is a way of life for the Lions. When Bob Quinn was hired from the New England Patriots, people thought maybe he could bring the winning attitude and model to Motown. It just isn’t happening.

He hires his buddy from the New England Patriots, their defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, to be the head coach of the Lions. Since he has arrived, the Lions defense has smelled.

In fact, the whole team has smelled. Matt Patricia is now 9-24-1 as their head coach. This team is not getting it done. In most of their games, they have had the lead and still managed to lose.

It’s a combination of many things. It is a team game, but one problem is that Matt Patricia cut his teeth under the guidance of Hall of Fame-to-be coach Bill Belichick. He is not Belichick. This guy has painted himself into a corner.

This is a pathetic situation, and what's worse is no one is surprised by this. Detroit faces Arizona this week and New Orleans the following week. The first month they will probably start out 0-4. Both Quinn and Patricia should be shown the door if they can’t turn this around and make the playoffs. Period.

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