Yesterday was a big day in this country. We had the inauguration of a new President in Joe Biden. But the Detroit Lions also had big news when they introduced their new head football coach Dan Campbell.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone has to be given a chance with a great opportunity. But this seems like a huge stretch. The Detroit Lions brought in Chris Speilman as a big time consultant and adviser. The Lions also put together a search committee for a new head coach. Dan Campbell is the guy they hired.

He played for the Lions on their 0-16 team. He was the interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins years ago for 11-12 games. Recently, he was the assistant head coach and tight ends coach for the New Orleans Saints. My question is, what did he do to impress these guys? I mean seriously!

This guy, at least to my knowledge, wasn’t coveted by any other teams in the NFL. So they passed on some really solid possibilities and hired Dan Campbell. My point is the Lions have absolutely stunk for 50 years. One bad hire after the other, over and over again. Also with their GM’s too.

They just fired the worst coach in Lions history and give another guy with very limited experience a six year contract. Unbelievable! This is on Chris Speilman if this guy is a total failure. He has a six year contract as a safety net. I hope Dan Campbell can win in Detroit, but that could be a tough one! He got a ringing endorsement from the Fords for doing nothing.

Good luck, Dan!

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