The Super Bowl is hours away. You have two very unique teams involved for the this year’s Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs are led by their Head Coach Andy Reid who coached the Eagles to a loss in the Super Bowl years ago. Then, last year with his phenom superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes they won the Super Bowl. He is something else. He is an electric cat!

So, the Chiefs win it last year and are trying to repeat this year. They put this team together in a brilliant fashion. Very meticulous. They are a three point favorite in Tampa Sunday. They have the x-factor Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid’s offensive play calling.

Now, on the other hand their opponent in this year’s Super Bowl is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Led by their future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady who has six Super Bowl rings. But they added more kingpins than just Tom Brady. They added Fournette, Gronk, and Antonio Brown on the offensive side of the ball. My point is they haven’t been back to the Super Bowl in many years.

With both these teams, they show acceleration with putting a great team on the field. Both these teams strived for excellence and they achieved it.

So now for the Detroit Lions with all their new coaches, G.M., future draft picks, new quarterback and new Head Coach, could that fuel a new era in Motown? I guess will have to wait and see. Who do you like Sunday?

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