Same old story with the Detroit Lions; they have a new head coach.

Their last head coach Matt Patricia was just terrible. The guy absolutely smelled! They still have to pay this bum for another two years. Now with a new G.M. and another new head coach, the Lions enter the 2021 season.

The Lions hired a former player named Dan Campbell. Campbell played college ball at Texas A&M, tight end for the Detroit Lions, and now he's their head coach.

He served as the assistant head coach and tight ends coach for the New Orleans Saints. He also served as a coach with the Miami Dolphins and interim head coach for eleven games with the Dolphins. How this guy parlayed this into the head coach of the losing Lions is beyond comprehension. But everyone has to be given a chance to prove naysayers wrong.

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Daniel Allen Campbell from Clifton, Texas just turned 45 years old. He is taking on a task that will have the cards stacked against him. The Matthew Stafford trade should help the Lions' future, and Campbell has hired some solid assistant coaches.

A new era for the Detroit Lions has started again, so we shall see too. The Lions do have the seventh pick in the NFL Draft next week.

Why and how was Dan Campbell hired?

Chris Spielman, now with the Lions upper brass, had a large part in hiring him with their committee they put together. Bottom line is I have a lot of respect and faith in his judgement.

Look at all the head coaches and General Managers that have failed. There are almost too many to name. The Lions and the Ford family have had just a rotten team year after year. Could Dan Campbell be the man to get the job done and change the Lions' losing ways?

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