It looks like the Detroit Lions have hired a new head coach. This man’s name is Dan Campbell. He is a former Detroit Lions tight end. Currently he has been with the New Orleans Saints as an assistant head coach to Sean Payton and tight ends coach.

Campbell has never been a coordinator or a head coach. All I can say is that with all the rotten hires the Lions have done in the past, this guy better pan out!

They hired Chris Spielman to head up this search committee. They passed on the defensive coordinator from Frisco who got the Jets job. Spielman is a great football guy, so maybe he knows and sees something in Dan Campbell that no one else does.

I mean, people will all have to give Campbell a true shot, but what a long shot he will be. The Lions have smelled for 60 years. I really hope that Campbell is the guy that can turn that organization around.

But he has no experience as a head coach or a coordinator. This will be on Chris Speilman if he doesn’t work out.

So it looks like there is a new sheriff in town. I think there is a press conference on Wednesday. We shall see. This should be very interesting how it plays out.

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