Well it happened again. The Detroit Lions smelled up the stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday. That’s where the Lions played the Panthers. It was the first time in Matthew Stafford’s career as a Lion that he was shut out.

The Lions lost 20-0. Now, it’s very apparent the Ford Family who own the Detroit Lions cannot bring back their head coach Matt Patricia. He was an assistant with the New England Patriots for 14 seasons. With six of those 14 as the team’s defensive coordinator. This guy has three Super Bowl rings, and he could be one of the worst head coaches the Lions have ever had. That includes when they lost every game.

This team is going nowhere with him as their head coach. This team has gotten worse. There have been key guys out with injuries, but all teams have them. Plus Covid- 19 issues during the Pandemic too.

This is the last post I will write about this cat. It’s absolutely pointless. The guy is not a head coach in the NFL. He got his shot and blew it. All I can say is bye! Players don’t play football for this guy. Plain and simple. Time for another change. He’s finished!

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