On Saturday afternoon the Detroit Lions fired their G.M. Bob Quinn and Head Coach Matt Patricia. All I can say is what took you so long? Both of these guys smelled at their jobs!

The Lions have a propensity for bad hires. When Bob Quinn was hired away from the New England Patriots, everyone thought this was a great hire because he was with a storied historic franchise that has been a dynasty for many years. Well, not so fast! Quinn gets hired and then fires the Head Coach Jim Caldwell and hires his friend Matt Patricia. I’m not going to get into Patricia’s professional background. I did a week ago. All I can say is that in my estimation, he is by far the worst head coach the Lions have ever had. Even the head coach that was employed when they lost every game was better.

Quinn hired this guy and gave him a five year contract. The Lions are on the hook for two more years to pay this rotten head coach. Players celebrated two years ago partying when the season was over. These players didn’t like and respect this guy at all. Like I’ve said in the past, he was the defensive coach for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. He’s not Bill Belichick!

Well, now they're both gone and will make a lot of money off of the Lions for doing a rotten job! Finally the Detroit Lions got smart. So, who to hire? It’s pretty simple: Eric Bieniemy the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs. Good riddance to those two goofballs!

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