Yesterday, on the National Fox Broadcast with their round table with Terry, Jimmy, Michael and Howie, all hell broke loose. Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw absolutely ripped Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia. He said Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia “can’t coach a lick.”

Terry Bradshaw played for the iconic and historic head coach Chuck Noll of the Pittsburg Steelers where they won multiple Super Bowls. So I would say he’s very credible to say such a thing publicly. And I couldn’t agree more.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Falcons fired their head coach Dan Quinn and their G.M. after a winless start. The Lions have to take note of this because Dan Quinn took the Falcons to the Super Bowl just a few years ago. I can tell you right now there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that Matt Patricia takes the Lions to the Super Bowl.

I’m just glad that Terry Bradshaw was vocal and told the truth about the Lions head coach. This is not a good situation and will continue to eventually get much worse. I have no dog in the fight, but this has to stop with the Lions organization. If they lose the next two games, something has to give. You can’t lose games consistently when you have the lead. Just win baby!

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