Follow us down the rabbit hole for a moment.

First let's start off with THERE'S A NEW BORAT MOVIE COMING.

Borat 2 or "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" will arrive October 23rd via Amazon Prime Video.

You can sneak a peek at the trailer above.

The sequel to the original Borat — which grossed an incredible $262 million worldwide in 2007 — sees Cohen’s intrepid and quite ignorant Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev return to America to find a husband for his daughter. The movie was made during the pandemic, and so you will see Borat dealing with the virus (or, as he says “vee-roos”) first-hand, quarantining with some very fine folks.

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In addition to the movie and the trailer, the propaganda machine is in full effect.

True to Borat fame, there is a fake twitter account.

A few days ago, before news even broke that Borat 2 was finished and coming to Amazon Prime Video later this fall, a new Twitter account appeared called “@KazakhstanGovt”. The first tweet was unassuming enough: “We commence here our official Twitter account of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Greetings to you all.”

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And here's where it get's interesting and why you're here.

Take a look at a tweet below from @KazakhstanGovt and pause it at about the :07 mark.

Because that sure looks like these guys.

Lansing Catholic Four

And they would be the four high school football players now known as the "Lansing Catholic High School 4".

Do they make it into the movie or are they just photo ops in a fake government twitter ad for a Sacha Baron Cohen movie?

Are the fellas or Lansing Catholic aware of this...honor?

Will we be saying "very nice" if they are in the movie?

Guess we'll all have a special reason to see October 23rd.

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