In this day and age, people in the media throw around the word greatness like a nerf ball. A lot of hosts in sports radio will introduce their guests as the great so and so. This word is really overused and misused by many.

How I Define Greatness

To me, greatness is measured by an achievement or an accomplishment. Not just by being famous or a luminary or a celebrity. Many people take the term greatness for granted. To me, there are some people who are in their respective Hall of Fames who are not even total greatness.

Some of the Greats

I feel the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Earvin Johnson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams, Pele, and Tom Brady embody greatness. I could go on with at least a thousand more names in my head.

Greatness is measured by God-given talent and the hard work that goes into it. Some athletes and other people just don’t understand this and come up short on total performance. People have to understand that all of the greatest of the great worked so hard to accomplish their goals.

Yeah, they were blessed with the talent but they worked their butts off honing their skills.

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So, when national sports radio talk show hosts continually introduce their guests as the great so and so, knock it off!

Again, in this day and age, what is greatness? Just something for everyone to think about.

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