It looks like the Detroit Lions didn’t get the memo to broom their head coach Matt Patricia. Yesterday, the Houston Texans got the memo and let their Head Coach and G.M. Bill O’Brien go.

He came there from Penn State and caused a tumultuous situation. He got rid of their superstar receiver because of a personality clash. Kind of like Matt Patricia did with his all-pro defensive back Darius Slay. They both didn’t like each other, and he was sent packing to Philly.

The longer Patricia stays in Detroit the worse it will get. This guy was asked at his postgame press conference if he’s the guy for job? He replied that when he got to Detroit there was a lot of work to do. Former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky was adamant about his negative feelings about Matt Patricia's comments on ESPN yesterday.

The Lions owe him for two more years plus the rest of this season. But they would be better off just cutting bait now. It’s not going to get any better.

Matt Patricia is not accountable and full of excuses. He’s the ultimate finger pointer. Will the Fords ever put a winner on the field?

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