This Friday night the Detroit Lions will finish their first preseason under the guidance of first-year coach Dan Campbell. So far they’re 0-2, but preseason means nothing at all. They will probably be 0-3 after Friday’s contest versus the Indy Colts. But then the next task at hand is the 17-game regular season.

Detroit opens up with San Francisco at home. Many NFL media people feel the Lions will smell again this year. They have been rebuilding for 50 years. This is such a broken record. I’m tired of the old hype and bad football. But this is one ray of sunshine through the Lions' dark cloud. The head coach has hired really good football people.

The Matt Stafford trade with the Rams has given them a lot of solid draft options. I feel they can’t screw this up. But it is the Lions, so you never know...

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There are a lot of question marks with this year’s team, especially with the defense and with the quarterback position too. Jared Goff came over from the Rams in the Stafford trade, but will he bounce back? That is the question. Goff took the Rams to the Super Bowl, but his career has regressed.

So the real question is, can Dan Campbell resurrect the Lions into a winning team? He was a member of the Lions when they were 0-16, so he is familiar with their losing ways.

Lions fans have been waiting too long for a winner. Even the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. The Lions have never been to a Super Bowl—ever! I’d say they're due. What do you think? At least Matt Patricia isn’t their head coach any longer. He was the worst!

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