Well, it was another classic Detroit Lions loss yesterday at Ford Field. The Lions were ahead 23-6 going into the fourth quarter. Then the bottom just dropped out. Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky threw three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to beat the Lions in Motown.

Of course, there were no fans. Thank the Lord nobody paid for tickets. This franchise is absolutely snake bit. I really do believe they have the Bobby Layne curse upon them. It doesn’t matter who the head coach, players, and management are, it’s usually the same end result.

In today’s sports world you can’t put it on cruise control and expect to win. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had a good game. He was 24 of 42 for 297 yards with a touchdown pass. But it’s still the same result: no win.

These Lions are one of the most unbelievable franchises in professional sports history. All I can say is that if these Lions don’t regroup and get to the postseason, Head Coach Matt Patricia and G.M. Bob Quinn will not be working in Motown.

That was one of the most pathetic losses I have witnessed in years. These players and coaches should be ashamed of themselves. Like I said, another classic Li-Downs Loss. The Green Bay Packers come up next with Aaron Rodgers, so we'll see how that goes.

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