The Detroit Lions have to ponder this question: can they hire a solid GM and head coach? This has been of epidemic proportion forever.

I will not mention any of these individuals, but they have all been paid very well. All have severely smelled too.

Whether it be the late Ford Sr. or the current regime, it has been one awful hire after another. I cannot believe how rotten this historic professional team has been over the years. They have really smelled consistently.

The current interim head coach is Darrell Bevell, and he has a shot. As for the GM, maybe Chris Spielman would be that guy? I just don’t know anymore.

Even if legendary Head Coach Vince Lombardi was resurrected, he would probably fail too. This to me will always be a no win situation. But,never say never!

The Lions and their organization have been frustrating for at least 55 years. Hopefully this family and advisement group can finally get it right. Let’s see if they can backdoor into the playoffs. Probably not!

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