If you haven’t watched "Alone," the reality show on the History Channel, you need to. It’s pretty intriguing and intense to say the least. It puts ten people who applied to go on the show in very rough remote spots in the world. The kicker is you can only bring ten items with you and no firearms. For example, people have brought a large knife almost machete-like. Also, they bring gill nets to net fish, bow and arrows, a fire starter, sleeping bag, weatherproof tarps, fishing line with a hook. This as primitive as it gets.

Some people on the show, both men and women, are outdoors people, survivalists and just people who think this won’t be that bad. The areas that they use are the Vancouver Island Wilderness and the Arctic. A helicopter drops you off and then it’s time to go to work. The contestants forage for themselves. Some get elaborate in the bush with a fire pit or indoor fire. You have to start fires on your own, either by using a fire starter or bow drill.

The contestants have a walkie-talkie and can communicate with the producers if they need to tap out. Meaning if they're sick, injured, starving, bored out of their minds, homesick, or scared of the predators. Now that’s where it gets intense. The Vancouver Island is full of huge black bears, cougars and wolves. These contestants are invading their turf and they don’t like it.

Both predators and the weather are determining factors to stay or go. People have ground it out until they had no energy at all from lack of food and water. Some of the contestants will get lucky and catch huge fish in their gill nets, and some eat slugs, mice, crabs, rabbits, squirrels, kelp and really almost anything. It’s really riveting to watch.

I like to put myself in their place. Sometimes I say I could do it and sometimes I say I wouldn’t want to. This is as real as it gets. Plus, you have to videotape yourself every day to show your status and progress of your newfound lifestyle. The last person that doesn’t tap out gets a check for $500,000. The last person standing is wealthy. It’s winner take all. Would you want to be a contestant on the "Alone" reality show? The verdict is still out for me!

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