The Detroit Tigers are in deep despair with another losing season. They're under the guidance of first year manager A.J. Hinch. Miggy is smelling at the plate. This Tiger organization is in turmoil as we speak.

The deceased owner Mike Ilitch made a mistake by giving Miggy such an outlandish exorbitant contract. He is hurting this team and there aren’t enough solid hitters on this team to be vying for first place. But enough about the current state of the Detroit Tigers organization.

Who is J.D. Martinez

There is a ballplayer that the Tigers used to have named J.D. Martinez. This cat has turned into one of the best professional hitters in all of Major League Baseball. The Houston Astros drafted him in 2009, round 20, pick 611. The Astros then cut him because they had such an abundance of solid outfielders. The Tigers picked him up for a song. Martinez, played for the Tigers from 2014-2017.They traded him to Arizona for hardly anything in return.

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He played in 62 games for the Diamond Backs, then was signed by the Boston Red Sox for a ton of free agent money. J.D. earned that contract because he turned himself through hard worth into the player he is today. He is a consummate professional hitter.

J.D. Martinez is currently hitting .349 with 10 homers and 29 RBIs. My point is that if Al Avila was responsible for trading J.D., he should be shown the door. They gave the money they could have paid him to former Tiger Jordan Zimmerman who just stunk up the place.

The Tigers could have built their club around J.D. Martinez. Instead, they traded him for nothing in return. Unbelievable. These guys Avila and figure head owner Chris Ilitch are to blame. What would have happened if the Tigers would have kept J.D. Martinez? Just saying, they would probably be in a better position right now.

What do you think?

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