Kansas and Kansas State had one of the ugliest fights in college basketball history last night.

The Jayhawks had the game wrapped up, and added an exclamation point at the end with a huge block by Silvio De Sousa. Things blew up when Sousa decided to stand over the Wildcats player he blocked to stare him down. The benches cleared and the fight spilled off of the floor.

As a Pistons fan, this was obviously reminiscent of the Malice at the Palace, especially when it looked like it would spill into the crowed. Luckily there was plenty of security in the area, and after a minute or so of fighting, they had the situation under control.

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There's no doubt that the NCAA will come down hard on everyone involved in this fight. The suspensions will start being announced today, and probably be wrapped up by the end of the week.

The worst part about the fight is that with today's meme minded culture, the image below will be the lasting image of college basketball for quite a while.

Kansas State v Kansas
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