Last night’s MSU hoop game was absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen one of Tom Izzo’s teams play. Listen, these posts aren’t easy for me to write, I'd rather tell you about how good they played, but this is the God’s truth. This team was awful last night. I have never watched any of Coach Izzo’s teams totally play so poorly.

It seemed like every player was in some kind of a funk. They were crushed at Rutgers 67-37. An absolute crush job! Not one player seemed like they wanted to beat Rutgers. This team has been off for the last three games because of Covid issues with players. Now, I respect the rust factor, but seriously, they were really out of tune.

I’m being as calm as I can be. But it doesn’t get any easier. MSU will stay on the road and play Thee Ohio State on Sunday at Columbus and play Iowa on Tuesday in Iowa City. That will be two more killer road games against good teams. The question is how will Tom Izzo’s team react and bounce back from this terrible loss? All we can do is wait and see if the Spartan team will bounce back.

They will have to play solid, tough nosed hoop and make shots to get by these teams. Someone has to step up as a leader and so far no one has done it. I thought Langford would have been that guy, but it hasn't happened yet. The Pandemic has affected all of sports, but you can only play that card so many times.

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