Tonight might not go very well for Tom Izzo and the Spartan hoop team. They face the Iowa Hawkeyes in Iowa City tonight with a 7:00 PM tip. This will be the third road game in a row for MSU.

I really don’t know what’s going on with this team. Let’s go through this. First, Tom Izzo gets COVID. Then some players get COVID and this team missed at least three games in a row. This isn’t good and has made the team inconsistent. MSU has missed many practices too, which is something that a lot of teams in college and the pros have had to deal with as well.

This has to be absolutely nerve racking for Tom Izzo. He isn’t used to losing by such wide margins. The last two losses to Rutgers and THE Ohio State were a combined 47 points. They lost to Purdue at home before the COVID outbreak with a 17 point lead. That’s where the bottom dropped out.

This team plays soft and nobody has stepped up with any floor leadership.

Tonight the Spartans face Luka Garza. He leads the nation with almost 27 points per game. This might be a tough situation for Izzo’s team. I hope this isn’t like Custer at Little Big Horn!

MSU is a 10 and a half point road dog. What's going to happen tonight? We shall see!

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