This season for the MSU basketball team has just been like living in the Twilight Zone. Even Rod Serling would agree with me on that!

First, Michigan State starts out pretty hot beating Duke at Duke and looking solid. But then the torture chamber opened up! Tom Izzo’s club flew to Virginia to play the Cavaliers. But, the game was cancelled because of COVID issues. After that Tom Izzo came down with COVID. Then multiple team members including his son got COVID. It just began to sort of run rampant throughout the MSU hoop team.

After that, they had a crushing defeat at home versus Purdue. MSU was up by 17 points and ended up getting thumped and beaten. Then the real torture came into effect and because of the MSU hoop COVID issues, they had to postpone at least three games. Some guys in January didn’t even hardly practice because they were sick with the Coronavirus. It turned into a nightmare.

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So about two weeks ago State started up their season again. Tom Izzo’s team had three intense games on the road. It began on the road versus Rutgers where they were crushed. Then, a few days later they go to THE Ohio State and suffer another loss. Then, last but not least, they go to Iowa City to play the Hawkeyes where they lost their third game in a row. But in that game MSU did play visibly better.

The last two games have been in East Lansing and they've won both of them. But Nebraska and Penn State aren’t the upper echelon of the Big Ten. The Spartans' next game is again against Iowa Saturday with a 1:30 tip.

The whole scenario has been bizarre to say the least. If MSU doesn’t go to the Big Dance and March Madness this year, it would be the first time in 23 years. This would be very disappointing, but in all likelihood it will happen. MSU just has too many tough games. Plus, this team has just been too inconsistent. But never count Tom Izzo out when it comes to postseason play.

What do you think? Will Tom Izzo’s club get in the Big Dance in Indianapolis? I guess we shall see! Also, let’s not forget all sports have had to deal with the Pandemic one way or another.

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