One thing I’ve realized in life is to be thankful for what you have. In this day and age, I just don’t see that from a lot of professional athletes.

I’m 61, and I saw growing up how a lot of pro ballplayers struggled to make ends meet. I even remember the great Detroit Tiger Hall of famer Al Kaline turning down a $100,000 raise because he felt it was too much. These days, pro ballplayers sneeze at $100K.

Listen, I know a lot of these teams and individual athletes have honed their God-given skills with a lot of hard work. But they make millions and millions of dollars to play more less a kid's game. They can get it from the owners or companies who endorse them.

But some just don’t seem that appreciative of the tax bracket they're in. A lot of these world famous million dollar athletes want more and more. Also, a lot really don’t care about winning, just how much they can get paid and what’s their take.

I’m not going to pick on the Lions for now quarterback Matthew Stafford, but he wants out of Motown and who can blame him. They have stunk since he’s been there out of Georgia. But no matter out rotten they have been and sometimes badly he has played, he still got paid big time! He and his wife just put their home up for sale for 6.3 million dollars. My point is he’s just an example.

There are thousands of pro athletes that feel they're underpaid and under-appreciated. This is the norm of the million dollar athletes. Don’t they say when there is some kind of a squabble between an owner and pro athlete, it’s millionaires fighting with billionaires? Oh yeah, don’t get me started about agents of these athletes too. Everyone involved from the athlete, agent, owner and corporate sponsors should thank the good Lord they're in the big money like they are.

Just don’t complain, pay it forward and know the history of your specific sport. Who were the men and women who trail blazed a path for you for your stacks of cheese. Thank the Spencer Haywoods, Curt Floods, Andy Messersmiths, and Michael Jordans of the world.

Stop complaining, win and be a solid citizen!

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