Everyone that follows Major League Baseball knows the top free agent pitcher this year was Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer. And until last weekend he was still unsigned with a team.

This past weekend Trevor Bauer hit the jackpot. The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Trevor Bauer to a three-year $102 million contract. Bauer will receive $40 million this season and $45 million in 2022 and he has opt options too.

Trevor Bauer will be the highest-paid MLB player in the history of professional baseball.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame any players for getting a ton of money for playing a kid's game. But c’mon, this has gotten real stupid! With no solid salary cap in MLB, they can pay a player whatever they want. But they will have to pay a heavy fee on the luxury tax.

This has gotten out of control. Trevor Bauer will pitch every fifth or fourth day and earn that kind of coin. It’s beyond comprehension. That money could go towards a lot of things to help mankind. But sports doesn’t think like that. That salary is just plain stupid.

But God bless Bauer for getting it. He goes home to LA after growing up in West Hollywood. He also won the NL Cy Young award this past Pandemic season. Good luck with the Dodgers trying to repeat this coming season to win back to back World Series.

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