These days I really wonder what professional sports executives really do. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to work for a professional sports team. I just question what a majority of these sports executives actually do.

I look at the dynasties in pro sports and say they are doing the right thing consistently all the time. That’s why they're always solid, competitive and win championships. For example, the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Lightning and past outstanding teams have done the right thing most of the time.

Now, free agency in pro-sports has really mucked up consistent winning with all teams. But players are going for the most money and that does make sense. But getting back to professional sports executives, what is their day-to-day work ethic like? I mean, if a team sees a ball player on another team that fits your model, try to recruit that player. If you don’t ask for the order, you will never get it.

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The Detroit Tigers are on an upswing pattern and have to continue to be proactive and aggressive to get better. The question is, is Al Avila that guy? The combination from my vantage point for a pro sports team to get better is scouting, drafting  eyeing talent, and just being flat ruthless!

The Detroit Lions are a prime example of continuous lousy everything. They hired two guys from the New England Patriots organization who failed terribly. Why? They probably thought because they were with the Patriots, which is a great organization, that their history would be enough and that it would rub off on them in Detroit. It doesn’t work like that.

I feel a lot of these people have big egos, big salaries and just go through the motions not being accountable for their bad moves. I hope I’m wrong, but why are most of these pro sports teams just awful and smell? You need to appreciate the great job you have and pay dividends for your employer. If you are a pro sports executive and you read this and disagree, look in the mirror and say what’s your track record? Has your team won anything lately?

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