Thursday night is why I have almost complete trust in Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes (pictured).

The man who is most responsible to the Detroit Lions resurgence over the past couple of seasons (yes, even more so than poor in-game coach Dan Campbell) made another move that could help the franchise for the next 5-10 years.

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Knowing the team had a glaring need at cornerback (everybody knew the team needed a corner), and taking advantage of a draft board that saw six QB's go in the 1st 12 picks, as well as the first 14 picks be offensive players.  Which in turn, dropped all the best defensive players on the board to later in Round 1.  Holmes waited until the right time to make a trade to move up from pick #29 and get a player that everybody knew they needed.

For the record, the Lions sent the 29th pick to the Dallas Cowboys (as well as this year's 3rd round pick, #73) for pick #24 and a 7th round pick next year.

With the 24th pick, the Lions selected Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold.  With the cutting of Cam Sutton earlier this offseason, the Lions desperately needed to fill his spot now.  They did so with the Arnold pick.  If Arnold turns out to be really good, they'll have plugged a gaping hole that helped keep the Lions out of the Super Bowl this past season, and have their No. 1 corner for the next ten years or so.

The Lions have other needs on the roster.  They need another pass rusher and they need depth at wide receiver, and especially, offensive line.

But is there another man in the NFL that you trust more than Brad Holmes to make those decisions to improve those areas???  Nope, not in my book.

Bravo to owner Sheila Ford Hamp for bringing in Brad Holmes.  For a change, the Lions now have competent front office people in charge.  Something they haven't had in decades.

Now, will you get Jared Goff signed, Brad??!!  Please??!!

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