The Lansing Lugnuts are an excellent minor league franchise. The Lugnuts have been in existence for over 20 years. Their ballpark is about as great as it gets for a minor league park in this country. The Lugnuts are in the Midwest League. The Lugnuts are owned by Tom Dixon and his wife Sherri Meyers, they have done a wonderful job. Cooley Law School Stadium is a great place to take the family for outing and just a great place for fun.

The Lugnuts have placed multiple ballplayers in the big leagues. The Lansing Lugnuts are a Class "A" Affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. Their radio broadcaster is named Jesse Goldberg-Strassler is an excellent individual feature for the Lugnuts. He is a baseball encyclopedia and just a great guy. I have been doing live shows at the ballpark and couldn't be happier with everyone involved.

The Lugnuts are also noted for great promotions in the ballpark, like fabulous fireworks after games and many more. Lansing is very lucky to have this great community oriented minor league team in our growing city. The Lansing Lugnuts last game of the season is against the MSU Spartan baseball team, it's called the Crosstown Showdown. If You haven't gone down to the yard yet, you need to go to a game. Pure fun.



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