He may be retired, but you'd better believe Shaquille O'Neal still has game.

The former NBA star and future Hall of Famer posted a video of himself schooling a guy while playing a pickup game. Actually, "schooling" isn't a strong enough word. "Embarrassing" is more like it.

Shaq is over seven feet tall and in his playing days his weight was well north of 300 pounds. While we don't know how many pounds he's currently lugging around, it's pretty clear that no one is going to mix him up with say, Ally McBeal (wow, how's that for a dated reference?), because he's still large and most definitely in charge.

Pity the poor guy who bears the brunt of Shaq's size on this play. He's just some dude looking to run a game at his local Y and the next thing he knows he's become a viral sensation for getting shoved around like a nerd giving up his lunch money. Not cool. Shaq. Not cool.

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