By now everyone knows the MSU, Maryland game was cancelled. The reason being Maryland's head coach tested positive for COVID. They have had very bad problems with this virus and their team. But this has been a problem all season long in college football and pro football.

So the game has been cancelled, but our White Law PLLC Tailgate Show is still on. The show will air Saturday morning from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. The White Law PLLC Tailgate Show airs on WJIM 1240 AM and 94.9 WMMQ FM.

If you haven’t heard the show, it’s very entertaining. We get a ton of laughs and even talk football too. The show is co-hosted with the “Dean” of Sports Tim Staudt, Brock Palmbos and myself. This will probably be a first in the history of MSU football where there is no game but still a tailgate show. I really am stressing if you want some laughs this is the tailgate show for you. Like I said it’s very entertaining.

We cover everything from college, high school and pro football to all sports, handicapping games, and we howl on each other too. There’s no MSU football game but the White Law PLLC Tailgate Show rolls on. Hope you listen and enjoy!

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